USB Gifts

When you're sat at your computer for so long it helps when you can enchance the experience with promotional USB-powered products that make the office grind more fun. Introduce a little bit of something good into the workplace with our range of branded USB gifts.

  • Flash Drives
  • Promotional USB Hubs USB Hubs
  • Promotional USB Accessories USB Accessories
Blaster USB Power Hub Save 15%
R164.16 R139.54
Carabiner 8GB USB Flash Drive Save 14%
R143.33 R122.86
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Electro USB Wall Charger Save 15%
R28.97 R24.63
Energizer USB Hub Save 15%
R72.45 R61.58
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Flower Shape USB Hub Save 7%
R150.80 R139.55
Hurricane USB Desk Fan Save 7%
R78.80 R72.95
Kubelink Caddy & USB Hub Save 21%
R85.47 R67.23
Powertrip Tech Set Save 15%
R72.45 R61.58
LED USB Light Save 20%
R45.81 R36.79
Lunar USB Hub Save 15%
R44.76 R38.05
Neutron USB Hub Save 15%
R58.81 R49.99
Save 15%
R97.00 R82.45
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Save 15%
R231.87 R197.09
Power Bank Travel Kit Save 20%
R249.53 R199.25
Powerpoint Charging Hub Save 21%
R182.24 R143.35
Proton USB Hub Save 15%
R64.27 R54.63
Quadratic USB Hub Save 15%
R37.30 R31.70
Save 7%
R85.47 R79.09
Whirlwind Desk Fan Save 19%
R74.61 R60.70