Pen Sets

If you want to add an extra special touch to your promotional pens, why not give a nice pen set as a gift. 

You can add your company logo and name to the pen box, ensuring people will always remember who you are.

we have a range of pens at all prices, we’re sure there will be something to suit your budget.

Binary Pen & Pencil Set Save 14%
R41.62 R35.67
Save 21%
R120.95 R95.14
Explorer Stylus Pen Save 7%
R54.80 R50.75
Harmony Pen and Pencil Set Save 7%
R106.90 R98.95
Save 14%
R23.24 R19.91
P-Pod Pen & Pencil Set Save 7%
R8.90 R8.31
Pasadera Set Save 7%
R185.00 R171.25
Powwow Pen & Pencil Set Save 4%
R43.85 R42.27
Save 57%
R21.03 R8.94
Save 14%
R279.42 R239.16