Promotional umbrellas in lots of new shapes and styles to grab your customers attention. You can print on one panel or all of them the decision is yours. 

Speak to our team for guidance on the best printed umbrella for you.

Save 7%
R368.02 R340.55
Save 14%
R78.37 R67.09
Save 12%
R169.34 R148.87
Save 14%
R99.92 R85.52
Save 14%
R67.26 R57.57
Save 15%
R228.56 R194.27
Save 15%
R115.70 R98.35
Save 15%
R135.70 R115.35
Fairways Golf Umbrella Save 7%
R185.10 R171.25
Festive Beach Umbrella Save 7%
R324.90 R300.65
Save 7%
R112.89 R104.46
Save 21%
R177.42 R139.56
Higgins Umbrella Save 7%
R78.12 R72.30
Mulligan Golf Umbrella Save 7%
R80.90 R74.85
Save 15%
R119.39 R101.48
Raindrops Umbrella Save 7%
R95.95 R88.80
Save 15%
R253.72 R215.66
Siesta Beach Umbrella Save 7%
R394.80 R365.35
Tayla Compact Umbrella Save 7%
R54.85 R50.75
Save 15%
R285.70 R242.85
Save 5%
R72.84 R69.20
Save 15%
R175.70 R149.35
Save 15%
R173.90 R147.81
Save 21%
R338.71 R266.42