Public Holiday, Weekends & school holidays are always favorite times to grab some outdoor promotional products for sports, play, garden, beach or just to relax. Associate your brand with fresh air and good times. Have a look at our great range of outdoor promotional items.

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Avenue Picnic Bag Save 15%
R485.70 R412.85
Giant Pansy Save 8%
R41.00 R37.90
Siesta Beach Umbrella Save 7%
R394.80 R365.35
Save 12%
R266.11 R233.94
Apron Braai Set Save 14%
R208.12 R178.39
Avenue Wine Cooler Save 15%
R231.87 R197.09
Coriander in a box Save 7%
R35.62 R33.00
Tayla Compact Umbrella Save 7%
R54.85 R50.75
Save 14%
R783.63 R671.52
Ranger Braai Set Save 10%
R147.10 R132.13
Bistro Cutlery Set Save 15%
R18.54 R15.76
Save 15%
R253.72 R215.66
Save 15%
R135.70 R115.35
Raindrops Umbrella Save 7%
R95.95 R88.80
Save 12%
R483.85 R425.36
Sunburst Head Lamp Save 7%
R82.25 R76.10
Save 15%
R285.70 R242.85
Save 21%
R177.42 R139.56
Outdoor Chair Stool Save 12%
R112.89 R99.24
Save 12%
R80.63 R70.88
Save 7%
R368.02 R340.55
Save 15%
R173.90 R147.81
Chip-N-Putt Golf Tool Save 15%
R51.46 R43.74
Save 15%
R185.70 R157.85
Beach Ball and Bat Set Save 14%
R30.82 R26.41
Save 12%
R104.82 R92.15
Save 15%
R115.70 R98.35
Save 21%
R338.71 R266.42
Save 15%
R41.41 R35.20
Save 15%
R216.40 R183.94
Seaside Cooler Beach Bag Save 21%
R201.60 R158.57
Save 12%
R101.60 R89.31
Save 12%
R169.34 R148.87
Save 21%
R104.83 R82.45
Save 15%
R175.70 R149.35
Save 12%
R838.69 R737.30