Paper Products

We have a variety of desk pads, diaries, planners, note pads, notebooks and post-it notes to help brand your world. Add your logo to any of these useful promotional products. If you're not sure ask our team how.

  • Promotional Desk Pads Desk Pads
  • Corporate Diaries Diaries and Planners
  • Promotional Notepads Note Pads
  • Promotional Notebooks Notebooks
  • Promotional Post-It Notes Post-it Notes
Stanford A5 Notebook Save 14%
R57.93 R50.00
Plasma A6 Notebook And Pen Save 21%
R20.15 R15.85
Long Memo Box Save 8%
R20.55 R19.00
Novelty Notepad Save 8%
R22.60 R20.90
Texture Journal Save 7%
R93.20 R86.25
Plasma Notebook and Pen Save 7%
R17.10 R15.85
Colour-Edge Journal Save 7%
R47.96 R44.38
Peninsula Maxi Notebook Save 7%
R205.62 R190.30
A5 Luxury PU Notebook Save 7%
R46.76 R43.27
Save 15%
R65.20 R55.42
Save 15%
R111.93 R95.14
Save 15%
R130.42 R110.86
Save 5%
R41.78 R39.69
Save 15%
R228.56 R194.27
Save 12%
R161.27 R141.78
Discovery A5 Notebook Save 10%
R42.75 R38.31
Save 15%
R14.61 R12.42
Save 14%
R58.15 R49.78
Save 14%
R33.79 R28.93
Save 5%
R13.27 R12.61
Save 15%
R12.67 R10.77
Save 15%
R157.13 R133.56
Save 21%
R24.98 R19.65
Save 14%
R41.21 R35.27
Save 15%
R12.13 R10.31
Save 15%
R268.64 R228.35
Save 15%
R132.34 R112.49
Save 15%
R195.64 R166.29
Save 5%
R32.84 R31.20