When you hand our a promotional item to one of your clients you want to endure that it is a promotional gift they will use. Companies land organisations spend a fortune on corporate gifts every year so ensure its not a product that just ends up shoved in a draw. Gifts for the office make sense. They tend to be function able and desk top gifts that get used daily. This means your brand gets seen daily and thus your budget is well spent.

Have a look at our range of products, if you have any questions please ask our Web Sales Team. They will be happy to help.

  • Promotional-Calculators Calculators
  • Promotional Calendars Calendars
  • Branded Clipboards Clipboards
  • Executive Gifts Executive Gifts
  • Promotional Memo Holders Memo Holders
  • Promotional Paper Clips Paper Clips
  • Promotional Pen Holders Pen Holders
  • Promotional Pencil Cases Pencil Cases
  • Pencil Sharpeners Pencil Sharpeners
  • Promotional Rulers Rulers
  • Promotional Clocks & Watches Clocks and Watches
  • Promotional Paper Products Paper Products
30cm Ruler Save 8%
R2.72 R2.50
Save 14%
R8.93 R7.66
Save 14%
R537.31 R459.93
Save 12%
R161.27 R141.78
Save 14%
R41.21 R35.27
A5 Luxury PU Notebook Save 7%
R46.76 R43.27
Save 14%
R58.15 R49.78
Save 14%
R33.79 R28.93
Save 5%
R1.41 R1.34
Save 12%
R109.66 R96.40
Save 12%
R161.27 R141.78
Save 15%
R253.72 R215.66
Save 15%
R95.57 R81.24
Save 15%
R188.39 R160.13
Save 15%
R147.04 R124.99
Basix 15Cm Ruler Save 14%
R2.15 R1.84
Basix 30Cm Ruler Save 14%
R3.07 R2.63
Basix Stationery Set Save 14%
R16.95 R14.53
Save 15%
R21.72 R18.47
Save 12%
R274.18 R241.03
Save 12%
R133.85 R117.67
Colour-Edge Journal Save 7%
R47.96 R44.38
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Save 13%
R500.00 R432.84
Save 15%
R149.24 R126.85
Save 12%
R96.76 R85.06
Save 14%
R49.50 R42.37
Desktop Stationery Set Save 12%
R120.95 R106.33
Discovery A5 Notebook Save 10%
R42.75 R38.31
Save 21%
R24.98 R19.65
Save 14%
R14.35 R12.28