1. Can I Get A Sample?

Yes, you are welcome to get a sample of any of our products. All samples are available for purchase by cash or credit card at the minimum order quantity price shown on the website and can be collected from our showrooms when ready. Should a price not be shown please ask us for a price. The price of the sample will then be credited against your purchase when you decide to place the order. We also have a great showroom where you are free to come and see a wide range of our products.


2. Who Are Your Customers?

We deal with hundreds of customers every month big and small, some new and some faithful. You can see what some of our customers say about us here.

3. Set Up Charges.

Most of the different types of branding have some form of set up charges. Whether it is screens and positives with screen printing or plates and positives with pad printing. All set up charges are already included when you request a quote.

4. Artwork. 

One of the many thing that separate us from our competitors is the fact that we have a full time in house graphic design department. So whether you have your files in an .EPS format or on the back of a book of matches, our team are there to help you, and its free!!!

5. Digital Proofs.

Once you have placed your order with us, our team of designers will contact you and discuss your requirements with you. They will then send you a .PDF of how your product will look once branded. This ensures that we are all working from the same page!! On the artwork it will stipulate Pantone colours, position, and have your design as agree. We do not take the order further unit you are happy and this document is agreed and signed.

6. Payment.

We operate on a payment on order system. Once the quote is signed, the stock checked, we issue you with a Sales Order for payment.

We have set up bank accounts with the four main banks and we also take credit card payment if required.

7. Will My Logo Be The Right Colour?

We try to ensure that we match the colours as closely as possible but this does depend on the type of branding selected, as they all have their limitations. For screen printing and pad printing the colours are match by eye and referenced from a pantone chart, while with embroidery there are limited thread colours so our design team match as closely as possible.

8. Shipping

If you are in Cape Town you are welcome to collect your goods from our offices other wise we can ship your goods to you anywhere in South Africa or the world, by our couriers or you can send your couriers to collect form us. If you would like us to ship to you please let your sales agent know and they will be happy to prepare a quote for you. All shipping will be shipped uninsured unless requested otherwise.

9. How Long Does Production Take?

With the majority of our products, it takes 10-15 working days.  We also understand that our customers always leave it till the last moment, so we always try to meet your deadline. Our Production Manager will always do everything possible to meet your requested deadline.

10. Overs & Unders

Due to the nature of the manufacture and branding of promotional products, we can't always deliver the exact number required. While the industry standard is 10% we try never to exceed 5%. What does this mean. Well, if you order 100 ceramic coffee mugs, on occasion you may receive 105 or maybe 95 because some broke on the way to us or we rejected some mugs for example. You will only be billed for the quantity we deliver. If under we will credit your next order.

11. Minimum Order Quantities.

We have these on the site as we believe that bellow these quantities the products are not cost effective. If you required bellow the MOQ please speak to our sales team and they can advise you accordingly.

12. BEE Policy

You are able to see our BEE policy by clicking here