In a time when everything is disposable it is a great idea to ensure that the products you give out leave the smallest carbon foot print possible. Eco Friendly Promoitional gifts are fast becoming the promotional product of choice for the environmentally aware. We have a huge range for you to choose from. Remeber, if you can't see what you want, we can find it for you. Contact us today.

  • Promotional Eco-Friendly Bags Eco Friendly Bags
  • Eco Friendly Promotional Gifts Eco Friendly Gifts
  • Eco Friendly Promotional Pencils Eco Friendly Pencils
  • Eco Friendly Pens Eco Friendly Pens
  • Eco Friendly Paper Gifts Eco Friendly Paper Products
Save 14%
R18.61 R15.94
A5 Eco Notebook Save 14%
R29.28 R25.10
Save 12%
R91.92 R80.81
Save 12%
R8.05 R7.07
Save 14%
R134.12 R114.96
Save 14%
R242.03 R207.46
Save 15%
R32.34 R27.49
Carnival Shopper Save 18%
R14.30 R11.69
Eco Note Box Save 8%
R23.30 R21.55
Save 14%
R31.65 R27.07
Save 14%
R17.02 R14.57
Eco Pen & Pencil Set Save 7%
R6.15 R5.70
Save 21%
R7.24 R5.70
Eco Stationary SetEco Stationary Set Save 7%
R21.25 R19.81
Ecojute Jamaica Bag Save 7%
R82.25 R76.10
Ecojute Okavango Bag Save 8%
R46.60 R43.10
Ecojute Panama Bag Save 7%
R63.05 R58.35
Ecojute Timbuktu Bag Save 7%
R76.75 R71.00
Expo Shopper Save 4%
R8.20 R7.91
Flowers in a box Save 8%
R41.00 R37.92
Save 21%
R21.44 R16.87
Save 15%
R65.20 R55.42
Greenmile Shopper Save 15%
R71.00 R60.35
Save 15%
R25.35 R21.55
Save 12%
R64.50 R56.70
New Leaf Garden Set Save 7%
R123.40 R114.15
Parsley in a box Save 8%
R41.00 R37.90
Save 15%
R58.19 R49.46