BEE Policy

Silver Cube Promotions has a history of employing the previously disadvantaged, training and nurturing them and helping them make a difference in their own lives. 

We strongly believe that the only way that transformation will be achieved is through the development of skills and education.  

We like to give young people with little or no experience a chance. We give the training, continual mentoring, a great working environment and the support they need to grow. It is then upto them to take advantage of this opportunity and the support given to create a career.

We are very proud of what our staff have achieved and where they are taking our company.

In our thriving business over 80% of our team are from a previously disadvantaged backgrounds, 70% female and the majority in their 20's.

We have currently acheived a Level 4 Status. Our BEE certificate is availible by clicking the logo below


BEE Corporate Gift Supplier