Check out our diverse range of promotional backpacks. Perfect as corporate giveaways or simple branding statements, these branded backpacking beauties can be the perfect companion for any logo. 

Save 7%
R79.26 R73.34
Amazon Backpack Save 15%
R102.97 R87.52
Save 15%
R78.56 R66.77
Baseline Backpack Save 5%
R75.70 R71.92
Save 12%
R282.24 R248.12
Save 15%
R202.88 R172.45
Collegiate Backpack Save 15%
R126.07 R107.16
Daytripper Shoulder Bag Save 7%
R75.40 R69.75
Duotone Backpack Save 11%
R112.89 R100.70
Save 15%
R857.13 R728.56
Elleven Tech Trolley Backpack Save 15%
R1,521.72 R1,293.47
Save 15%
R1,102.93 R937.49
Emporium Tech Backpack Save 15%
R253.61 R215.57
Expanda Tog Bag Save 7%
R64.50 R59.70
Save 12%
R209.66 R184.31
Greyston Backpack Save 15%
R210.13 R178.61
Hydration Backpack Save 41%
R370.15 R220.00
Save 12%
R322.56 R283.57
Save 12%
R129.02 R113.42
Save 12%
R403.21 R354.46
Save 12%
R290.31 R255.21
Save 15%
R137.67 R117.02
Save 15%
R128.56 R109.27
One Up Backpack Save 16%
R78.81 R66.06
Save 14%
R112.82 R96.57
Save 12%
R301.60 R265.13
Preston Tech Backpack Save 15%
R159.41 R135.49
Promo Backpack Save 7%
R102.80 R95.15
Save 15%
R88.56 R75.27
Ridge Backpack Save 7%
R168.60 R156.00
Save 15%
R144.91 R123.18
Saturn Tech Backpack Save 15%
R191.16 R162.49
Save 12%
R193.53 R170.13
Silverline Backpack Save 21%
R166.12 R130.66
Save 5%
R13.56 R12.88
Sovereign Tech Backpack Save 15%
R389.69 R331.24
Sting Backpack Save 7%
R95.95 R88.80
Thrifty Backpack Save 7%
R120.60 R111.60
Thule Chasm 40L Save 26%
R1,899.00 R1,397.06
Thule Chasm 70L Save 26%
R1,999.00 R1,470.59