About Us

Silver Cube Promotions, founded by Nick Palmer in 2005 when he moved to South Africa from the UK, has grown from a small, one-man business into the proud and constantly expanding company it is today.


The Silver Cube Promotions Team

Silver Cube Promotions now has 12 people on its full-time staff, doing excellent work to bring the best products to valued clients from across the globe. 

Lynne Platt is our fire fighter. When it comes to the safety and success of our products she makes sure all jobs get done, and done well. Having been around almost since the inception of Silver Cube she knows all there is to know about the industry and this makes her our most valuable asset.

Donovan Staack heads up our graphic department and has been creating innovative branding designs for years now. He has imparted his knowledge to numerous young assistants but remains the best there is when it comes to effective promotional solutions.

We have a dynamic young team of sales ladies from a diverse variety of backgrounds that reflects our commitment to finding the right people who may not have had the best of starts in life. This belief in balancing transformation and social responsibility with our high standards means we have taken our time to unearth the hidden gems out there. Our expectations are high but we look out for people who want to grow and improve along with us.

Two of our sales ladies, Sam Enya and Tarryn Leigh Muller have recently been promoted to manage their own sales team. Their dedication and passion are at the heart of what we value at Silver Cube. We put the same faith in our team that we want from everyone else.

What We Are All About

We believe that sourcing the most suitable, dynamic and highest-quality promotional goods should be effortless for you, our client. We’ve often said that ‘if you want your name on it, we’ll put it there’, and our wide range of promotional gifts and clothing has been tailored to suit marketing projects of every kind. 

Our ever-growing sales team puts the emphasis on accessibility and customer satisfaction. We are, in part, and e-commerce business and as a result our client base is made up of a very wide variety of businesses. We service not only a large number of major corporate clients but many smaller businesses too. And although we are based in Cape Town the majority of our clients come from other parts of the country and continent and as far abroad as Europe and the United States.

Our warehouse facilities have allowed us to control a much larger part of the process than ever before and we offer quality control, repacking, storage and distribution of all promotional goods. Logistical worries are a thing of the past. Silver Cube no longer makes cold calls, a sign of the kind of long-term promotional relationships we have with many clients. The success of our business depends on us helping the success of yours, and your brand is the only thing that matters to us. Our determined attitude and commitment to quality and social benefits have ensured that Silver Cube is one of the fastest-growing promotional goods companies in the country. And we hope to see you become a part of that very soon.


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What We Offer:

A range of different options on how to get your name, logo and/or message onto the item of your choice. Some of these methods include:


Promotional Gifts

Corporate Clothing

Branding Services

Promotional Bags

Promotional Peak Caps

    Screen Printing

Promotional Wallets

Branded Hats

    Laser Engraving

Corporate Folders

Promotional Golf Shirts

    Pad Printing

Promotional CD holders

Embroidered Jackets

    Litho Printing

Corporate Diaries

Corporate Skirts

    Digital Printing

Branded Mouse Pads

Team Sportswear

    Heat Transfere Prints

Promotional Clocks

Embroidered Sweaters


Corporate Mugs

Promotional T-Shirts


Corporate Trophies

Promotional Tracksuits


Corporate Golf Accessories

Corporate Trousers


Promotional Key Rings

Embroidered Fleece

    Sand Blasting

Promotional Lanyards

Corporate Shirts


Promotional Knives

Branded Work Wear


Promotional Tools

Printed Overalls

    Dome Stickers

Promotional Pens

Printed Hoodies

    CO2 Engraving

Branded Letter Openers

Promotional Kiddies Clothing


Corporate Business Card Holders

Corporate Wear

    Scratch Engraving

Corporate Flash Drives

Corporate Trousers